3 Tasks that Should be on Your Spring To-Do List

A person in jeans raking dead foliage

Spring is finally here and it is time to begin tackling your yearly spring cleaning list. These are just a few of the tasks that should be on your Wolfforth, Texas, home spring cleaning list.

Schedule Your HVAC Appointment

In just a few weeks, Texas temperatures will begin to soar and you will rely on your air conditioning unit to keep you cool. Now is the time to schedule your HVAC preventative maintenance appointment. During this appointment, your technician will inspect the different components and perform a tune-up to ensure that the unit is ready for the first hot day of summer. Now is also a good time to change your air filter in preparation for the increase of allergens that come with the spring weather.

Inspect the House

Winter weather can cause a lot of wear and tear on your house. Spring is a great time to do a full walkthrough, both indoor and outdoor, and evaluate any needed repairs. Look closely for any exterior damage including small holes or cracks. On the inside, look for any areas that your cool air might escape. Finding and fixing these escape points before you begin running your air conditioning unit can help you avoid unnecessary spending.

Clean Up the Yard

Many homeowners have yard clean up at the top of their spring cleaning list. As you remove leaves, trim branches, or other winter debris from the yard, make it a point to visually inspect your exterior HVAC unit. Remove any debris from the area directly surrounding the unit. If you covered the unit for the winter, now is the time to remove the cover. It is important to keep this area clear to prevent leaves and other contaminants from getting into the outdoor unit.

Spring cleaning is a time for refreshing and maintaining. Completing tasks like changing your air filter and inspecting the exterior of the house can also prepare you for the summer weather. Call Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Inc. at 844-749-2665 today to schedule your maintenance tune-up appointment.

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