Get Rid of Static Electricity

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During the dry winter months in Lubbock, Texas, you may notice an increase in static electricity within your home. This problem is more than just a bother — it can cause shocks and other unpleasant side effects. Follow these tips to banish static electricity from your home for good.

Understand the Causes

Static electricity happens when an electrostatic charge builds up. When you touch a conductor, the electric charge discharges, resulting in a shock or other side effect. You may notice that your clothes are sticking to your body more than usual or that your hair is looking frizzy. Synthetic materials, dry air, and carpeting beneath your feet are all culprits of static electricity. With the right tools, you can keep it under control or even eliminate it from your home.

Remove it From the Carpet

The first step is removing static electricity from carpeting. Using a humidifier, simmering a pot of water on the stovetop, or placing bowls of water on windowsills and registers around your home can help add moisture to the air. If the static electricity levels are high enough to cause concern, consider adding a whole-home humidifier that works with your heating and cooling system. Adding indoor plants and leaving the bathroom door open when you shower will also help increase the humidity level.

Focus on Your Clothing

If your clothes are sticking to you because of heavy static electricity, you may want to add a few more steps to your laundry routine. Adding fabric softener to each load is helpful, as is using dryer sheets with clothing that you place in the dryer. Additional tips include removing your shoes when you’re walking around indoors, wearing natural fibers, and picking up your feet as you walk across plush flooring.

At Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Inc., we have HVAC solutions that can improve humidity levels to get rid of static electricity, so contact us at 844-749-2665 for more information.

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