Have you seen the NEST learning thermostat? (Video below) If not you are going to be surprised because it looks nothing like the thermostats you have seen recently. It does look similar to the old turn-dial thermostat but with a new sleek design. I feel like this thermostat is going to change the way people use there HVAC systems because it learns from you!

One of the coolest features about this thermostat is obviously that it learns what temperatures that you like but I think that the design will be a big selling point. The main reason I believe this is because older consumers used to use a thermostat very similar to this. You would turn the temperature dial in order to move the temperature up or down. This one operates very similar to the old style.

Another reason that I feel this thermostat will interest older consumers is because the thermostat will set its own temperature schedule if you want. The NEST thermostat is very sensitive to every temperature change for the first two weeks and then it will start to operate on its own. If you don’t like the temperature setting its on, just turn the dial and it will learn from that change.

There is something for the younger generation as well because you can access this thermostat from your phone or PC! With wireless internet access in your home, you can connect the thermostat to it and this will allow you to change the temperature, monitor your HVAC energy usage, and much more!

This thermostat is a very innovative design for the HVAC industry and one that I think has something for everyone. There is a lot more to the NEST thermostat that I was not able to cover today but I would love to know what you think about it.

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