Commercial Air Conditioner Repairs and Maintenance Tips

One of the main things that building owners want to do is save money, but building owners also know how important it is to keep their customers comfortable when they are shopping, eating, etc…. So, I wanted to offer some simple tips on how to save money but also accomplish a comfortable goal at the same time.

The best way to do this as a business owner is to have your commercial air conditioner repairs and maintenance performed at least twice a year. This is very important to your bottom dollar because having your unit(s) serviced twice a year will help extend the life of the equipment. It will also help the equipment heat and cool when it needs to. This helps make you more money because your customers are comfortable while shopping.

Another important aspect of maintaining your commercial air conditioning systems, along with having them serviced twice a year, is to have the filters changed quarterly (or more depending on the application.) This will help prevent the air filters from getting clogged up and causing the unit(s) to freeze up. This can cause your commercial air conditioning systems to not work! Your customers get uncomfortable and may even leave your store. Then you are not making money!

The last thing to consider with a commercial building is replacement versus repair. Any building owner would want to get the most life out of the air conditioning system(s). Whenever a unit reaches the end of its life, the natural tendency is to “fix it.” Actually the best thing to do is evaluate how much money you are putting into repairs and you might be surprised what you find. Even though replacing the unit is a major investment, you can save money in the long run by not investing any more money into an old unit that keeps needing repairs.

These are just a few tips for commercial air conditioning repairs and maintenance. The main thing to keep in mind for a building owner is that the air conditioning system needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Do you have any other tips to add that I am forgetting?

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