Why Did My HVAC Leak and Damage My Ceiling?

Air conditioner leaks are messy, inconvenient and, unfortunately, not always discovered in time to prevent extensive damage. If your air handler is located in the attic, as is the case in many Texas homes, a leaky HVAC system can mean a damaged ceiling and pricey repairs. Here are three reasons why your HVAC unit might leak and damage your ceiling.

The Primary Culprit

The No. 1 cause of an air conditioner leak is a clogged condensate line. When warm air blows over your AC’s evaporator coil, condensation forms. This condensation drips into a drain pan and is removed from your home through a condensate drain line. If this drain line becomes clogged with mold, sludge or dirt, the water backs up and overflows the pan. The water puddles in your attic and eventually leaks through the ceiling of your Texas home.

A Secondary Offender

Related to a clogged condensate line is a cracked drip pan. As your AC unit ages, the pan can develop cracks or holes. If your AC unit was replaced, the drip pan might not be large enough for your new system.

The Third Link

When your air filter gets clogged with dirt, it blocks the airflow over the evaporator coil. This blockage causes the coil to get too cold and freeze. When the ice melts, it drips more water than the drip pan can handle. Overflows lead to wet insulation, faulty wiring and other potential problems in addition to ceiling damage.

The Cure

The good news is that you can avoid damage caused by a leaky AC by taking care of your HVAC equipment. The preventive maintenance we offer at Sinclair includes changing your air filter, inspecting the drip pan and cleaning the condensate line.

Contact Sinclair before you have an unsightly mess to deal with, and let us help you prevent costly ceiling repairs. To learn more about how preventive maintenance keeps your system in good health, check out the benefits of a Sinclair tuneup or call 844-749-COOL.