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3 Common Furnace Noises and What They Mean

A black man with his hand to his ear trying to listen As the furnace in your Wolfforth, Texas home runs, you may notice that it makes a variety of noises. Some sounds are normal while others are cause for concern, so keep an ear out to make sure that all is well within the heating system.

Popping or Booming Sounds

If your furnace emits a loud pop or boom when it first turns on, this usually means that some gas built up in the combustion chamber. The burner might get dirt or dust that builds up on it, making it more difficult to start. Other causes include clogged burners, low gas pressure, or an improper air-to-gas ratio. 

This is certainly cause for concern, since it could allow gas to leak out, posing a serious fire risk. Take a whiff of the air near the furnace to see if it smells like gas. If so, call as soon as possible to have a technician come look at it.

Squealing Noises

There are a variety of belts, hoses, and bearings within the furnace that are constantly moving as the system operates. If one of those items becomes loose or slips off its track, you’ll probably hear a squealing or screeching sound as soon as it kicks on. It’s important to have a technician examine this type of problem, since it’s dangerous for you to open up the furnace or try to replace a belt or hose. 

Clicking Sound

The sound of clicking is normal when the furnace first engages, and it may remind you of the sound of iginting a lighter. It happens because the ignition is lighting the fuel, which produces heat. But if the clicking continues and the heating system never turns on, this often means that the flame sensor isn’t working properly. An experienced heating technician can quickly diagnose the problem.

Even if the sound coming from your furnace is normal, it’s always better to be safe. A leaking gas chamber puts you at risk for a fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning could cause illness or even death. Here in the Wolfforth area, call our team of heating experts at Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing Inc. at 844-749-2665 to figure out what’s causing the noises.