Home Plumbing Tips From Beth Sinclair

Here Are the Latest Plumbing Tips From Beth Sinclair:

I bought lunch for our office-staff today and I learned something new about kitchen drains. We were having spaghetti, lasagna, and salad. The salad dressing that came with the meal had too much oil in the dressing so I poured the oil down the drain. Did you know that pouring grease down your drain is a BIG plumbing no-no? Well, I at least knew that much, but this is what I learned. If you should ever pour grease down a disposal, run COLD water with it. Cold water will coagulate the grease and flush it away. Hot water on grease only coats the sides of the pipes!

My son has written about this product before but we have a drain cleaning product called Bio-clean. This is a biodegradable and chemical free way to treat your drains and keep them clear. Tom and I use this product at home and our office on a regular basis. It is one of the better products out there, if you are looking for a good drain cleaning product that works. If you want more information about Bio-clean, read this article or ask a question and we will get you an answer ASAP. Again, I am reminded that I am never too old to learn something new!!