Residential Plumbing Tips: How Do I Clean My Shower Head?

CUSTOMER QUESTION: The water doesn’t flow well from my kitchen sink and shower heads. What can I do to get more water flow?

If you live in Lubbock, Texas you know how hard our water is. I have 2 shower heads in my shower that are almost 2 years old and I have already had to clean them 3 times! I said to myself, “If I am having this problem, so would everyone else that lives in and around Lubbock.”

I suggest that you remove the aerator from the sink faucet and soak it in white vinegar for several hours. You will be able to see the hard water particles release from it. The length of time depends on how much blockage has occurred. You might, in addition, use an old toothbrush to loosen the particles.

Instead of removing the shower head to soak it, a really good way to clean it is to put the vinegar in a plastic sandwich bag, slip it over the shower head, and secure it with string or a small wire. Soaking it overnight will open the holes for smoother air flow. Again, an old toothbrush comes in handy here too.

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