Two Solutions to Air Conditioning Problems

Green and blue tinted keys on a key ringIn a previous article I discussed the two common air conditioning problems of no cool air and fluctuating room temperatures. I know some of you were probably frustrated because those were not one of the air conditioning problems you’re having. So, I want to continue a look at some other air conditioning problems. Let’s start with the problem of your air conditioner does not automatically turn on when its thermostats tells it to start cooling. First, look at the thermostat. It should be set to the cool setting and the temperature should be below the room temperature. Sometimes making those adjustments works. However, if it doesn’t, here are a couple things to try:

· Go to your main electrical panel to see if there’s a blown fuse or tripped breaker. If that’s the problem replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

· Look at the furnace power switch. It should be on.

· Check condenser’s power switch (outside). It should be on.

If either switch is turned off, that may be the problem. If not, your goal is now to find the source of the problem. Start by turning off the unit’s power.

· Check the thermostat

· Use a screwdriver to remove its cover

· Find the Y terminal. Unscrew the wire from it.

· Turn the power on

· Carefully, hold the insulation side of the wire. Let the bare portion of the wire’s end touch the R terminal. Hold the wire there for about three minutes.

If the compressor doesn’t come on after the three minutes, turn the unit off and schedule a call. I’ll have to fix the unit. If the compressor comes on, there’s a problem with the thermostat. It could be faulty. Let me know if this is the problem because you’ll have to replace it.

When Your Air Conditioner Sounds Louder than The Lubbock Music Festival OK, I’m exaggerating just a little bit with that subtitle. However, noise is one of the common air conditioning problems. Repairing this type problem depends on the noise the unit makes. For example, if you have an older air conditioning unit, you may notice squealing sounds because it has a belt-drive air handler. Newer units have a direct-driver motor. So when it makes noise you hear a grinding noise.

If you have a belt-drive air handler, the belt is probably worn or not aligned correctly. You should follow your owner’s manual’s instruction on how to replace a worn or improperly aligned belt. However, the following are some basic tips to realign the belt:

· Remove the unit’s access panel

· Loosen about two bolts keeping the motor at the proper tension

· Adjust the belt

If the belt is worn complete the above, then:

· Remove the belt

· Replace with a new belt (many Lubbock home improvement stores the belts in stock)

When you reinstall the belt, be careful. You don’t want to over-tighten the belt. If you do this it can wear out the unit’s motor bearings.

If you have a direct-driver blower making grinding noise, turn off the unit then call me. Unfortunately, it may be too late for the motor’s bearings. I probably have to replace them.

Most air conditioning problems are common. Whether your air conditioning unit makes unusual noises or doesn’t automatically turn on as it is supposed to. If you try these solutions to the air conditioning problems, don’t worry. Call me. Let me know the ways you’ve tried to fix the air conditioning problem. I’ll take a look at it and tell you exactly the problem and the solution.

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