Choosing an HVAC System for Your Home


If you’re using an older HVAC system, replacing it with a more efficient model will help you lower your Lubbock, Texas, home’s power bills and increase the value of your house. It will also help you avoid an unexpected, costly breakdown. When you choose an HVAC system, you should consider the size, type, and features you need.


If your heater and air conditioner aren’t the correct size or capacity for your home, they will need to work harder. This increases wear and shortens your equipment’s life. A system that’s too big won’t run long enough to control your house’s indoor air quality and humidity. If it’s too small, it won’t be able to keep your home comfortable. Before you choose which system is best, you should have a professional help you decide what size will be most effective for your family.


Many types of efficient HVAC systems are available. A heat pump transfers heat from the air around your home to your indoor air in winter. In summer, it moves heat away from your home instead. Heat pumps don’t use as much power as many other systems, but they don’t work well in very cold weather. Ductless systems have an outdoor unit that works with one or more indoor air handlers. They’ll never lose energy through leaks in ductwork, and ductless heat pumps are available. Packaged systems are easy to install. Since most components are in one casing, they’re protected from bad weather well.


Many convenient HVAC features are available. Some systems can connect to a programmable thermostat, letting you set your HVAC system to make changes automatically, according to your schedule. A variable-speed fan for your system saves energy by staying on longer at a lower setting. When needed, it can work at capacity to keep you comfortable.

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